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Sticky Content
From 2500 EUR/month
"Sticky content" [adjective]: content that's incredibly valuable, powerful, and impossible to forget so your audience keeps coming back to it.

Become impossible to forget with sticky content.

You already have a content strategy in place.

You know what type of content you should publish to reach overarching business goals.

Now you need someone who's an amazing storyteller with vast knowledge of both writing and strategy.

Sticky Content is a service package designed for brands that got the strategy part figured out, and now they want a strong, hands-on writer with established connections across multiple industries.

As your content writer, I'll work on content writing and copywriting assignments, and offer my expert opinion free of charge. Not only will you get content of great quality, but also a thought partner—whenever you want it.

Earning a Master's Degree in Comparative Literature helped me better understand stories and humans, think unconventionally, and become a really good, one-of-a-kind marketer.

This service package includes:

  • Sourcing & interviewing subject-matter experts
  • Extensive research for any topic
  • Content writing (long-form)
  • Newsletter copywriting
  • Landing page copywriting
  • Website copywriting
  • Thought leadership content
  • Thought leadership content for executives
  • Social media content writing
  • SEO content
  • Sales enablement content

Possible service add-ons:

  • Uploading content to CMS
  • Suggestions for visuals and multimedia content
  • Briefing graphic designers
  • Creating visuals in Canva
  • Content brief writing
  • Content ideation
  • Content publishing plan
  • Social media plan
  • Tailored content writing training sessions for your team
  • Consultancy services (e.g. identifying content refresh opportunities and creating a content refresh plan)

End goal:

  • Publish stellar content that converts
  • Improve visibility of your brand in search
  • Create stories impossible to forget
  • Increase brand recognition and build meaningful relationships with your audience
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader and leverage social media for selling
  • Build brand awareness, improve visibility online, and drive more qualified leads

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In their words

"Mia has an astute mind when it comes to content strategy. If you're looking for honest feedback and someone to partner with, it's her."

Vahe Arabian
Founder @ State of Digital Publishing

"Mia is an amazing content marketing professional. I co-hosted workshops with her and the value of her sessions was overwhelming."

Spyros Tsoukalas
Founder @ Technology Without Borders

"When you talk to Mia, you know instantly you're in the presence of a brilliant mind. She always goes the extra mile. I'd work with her in a heartbeat!"

Marta Olszewska
Content Strategist @ Content with Marta

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