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Bublgam is a brand launched by mia comic, creator of the adhesive content strategy framework™.

who is mia?

After earning my Master's degree in Comparative Literature, I have gravitated towards the world of digital marketing. Today I work as a content marketing specialist and an inbound marketing consultant while also nurturing my love for public speaking, writing, art, literature, and cultural tourism.

The fact that I studied literature has helped me understand people better, think outside of the box, foster creativity, and ultimately - become a really good marketer.

I have more than 7 years of experience in content marketing. Throughout the years, I have professionally developed into a T-shaped marketer with in-depth knowledge in inbound marketing.

During my career, I have carried out brand awareness campaigns, industry-specific campaigns, as well as lead generation initiatives. I've managed teams, transformed internal processes, introduced original frameworks, and launched growth experiments. My core expertise lies in content strategy, writing, storytelling, relationship building, and SEO.

In 2021, I've been selected as one of the judges for the INMA Global Media Awards thanks to my experience in native advertising. I also work as a mentor on GrowthMentor, learning platform that gathers the world's top 3% of startup and marketing mentors.

Published on the State of Digital Publishing, The Next Web, What's New in Publishing, Publishing Executive, Lokalise, Pleo, and more.


my work philosophy

1.I focus on client education - because I want you to understand my reasoning, how marketing works, and the value you will get from me

2. I go the extra mile - because being mediocre is too easy and doesn't drive "wow" results

3. I guide you through everything - because content marketing implies an exciting journey and I'd love to show you some hidden gems

4. We have to trust each other - because otherwise, our project will be doomed to fail

5. You will not get lost in the shuffle - because I am determined to have full control of the quality and to be held accountable for it (I never outsource work or accept too many projects)


Knowledgable, professional, kind.

If you're wondering why you should consider working with me, see above as the three main reasons.

I have a lot of experience, in-depth knowledge, and a proven track record.

I will never accept a project if I'm not sure I can make a difference. For me, professionalism = honesty, transparency, respect, and working as your partner.

Kindness is often overlooked in a business setting. You won't always notice when it's there, but you'll always notice when it isn't.


strategy work is more important than you think.


creating sticky content = ensuring your audience sticks around.


every business, including yours, has a story to tell.


focus on building relationships, not your pipeline.


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