Fractional Content Lead

From 6000 EUR/month
"Jawbreaker" [noun]: a large, spherical sweet that is too hard to bite without risking dental damage.

Established brands that know the value of storytelling in content marketing are the ones that dominate the market.

You already positioned yourself on the market. People know about your brand.

But then you’ve noticed you’re reaching a plateau when it comes to growth. Maybe you’re just hungry for more because you see there's great potential.

In any case, you are profitable and you want to continue growing.

Jawbreaker is a service package designed for strong brands that want to become unbreakable and build dominate the market and build meaningful relationships across the industry. It is the all-in-one content marketing package that ensures you stay at the top of your game.

As the fractional Content Lead, I'll be plugged into your in-house marketing team and take full ownership of all content marketing operations.

I'm here to help you build brand equity and leverage what makes you unique by following the Adhesive Content Strategy™ framework.

This service package includes:

  • Evaluation of internal documentation (brand identity, ICPs, style guide, value proposition, competitor analysis, any existing playbooks, etc.)
  • Complete content and SEO audit
  • Keyword research and keyword mapping
  • Content gap analysis
  • Competitor analysis (from a content marketing and SEO perspective)
  • Adhesive Content Strategy™ documented
  • Content topics that cover all phases of the sales funnel
  • Content calendar
  • Defined content distribution channels
  • Interviewing subject-matter experts & content writing

Possible service add-ons:

  • Content repurposing strategy
  • Content refresh plan
  • Suggestions for diversifying content formats
  • Playbooks to improve your content process
  • Enablement sessions with your content team
  • Tailored training sessions for your content team (based on skill deficiency)
  • Consultancy services (e.g. providing feedback on content campaigns, supporting writers, strategists, and marketers with professional development, editing services)
  • Support with evaluating candidates and hiring talented people

End goal:

  • Have a detailed and actionable Adhesive Content Strategy™ in place, personalized for your business and goals
  • Set your team for success by making it easier for them to divide ownership and execute the strategy
  • Understand which metrics matter for your business
  • Build brand awareness, improve visibility online, and drive more qualified leads
  • Publish amazing content that engages people from all phases of the sales funnel

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In their words

"Mia has an astute mind when it comes to content strategy. If you're looking for honest feedback and someone to partner with, it's her."

Vahe Arabian
Founder @ State of Digital Publishing

"Mia is an amazing content marketing professional. I co-hosted workshops with her and the value of her sessions was overwhelming."

Spyros Tsoukalas
Founder @ Technology Without Borders

"When you talk to Mia, you know instantly you're in the presence of a brilliant mind. She always goes the extra mile. I'd work with her in a heartbeat!"

Marta Olszewska
Content Strategist @ Content with Marta

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