the Adhesive content strategy™

Learn more about the Adhesive Content Strategy™, a useful framework that I created and advocate for. It provides structure to the way you approach creating a content strategy and ensures better results.

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Adhesive (noun.): a sticky substance that is used for joining things together.

There are two main issues with most content strategies. Firstly, they are not strategies at all. Instead they are lists of content topics based on keyword research. Secondly, content strategy documents are not actionable enough - which defies their purpose entirely.

The Adhesive Content Strategy™ acts like a glue that holds all the essential elements of your content marketing together. Not only that, but it also mends the parts that need fixing.

The end result should be a comprehensive document that consists of many different parts of research and serves as a single source of truth for your content marketing team (but other teams as well).

When all of the eight elements are included, your content strategy document becomes a powerful manual for your team members. It is written in a way that is easily scannable, it has key summaries and is sectioned in segments that allow for quick answer discovery. At any given moment, your team members can reference the document and remind themselves of the "why" behind each content piece.

  adhesive content strategy™ Helps you:

  • Ensure transparency within your organization
  • Break the silo effect among different teams
  • Improve information flow in-house
  • Realize the "why" behind every content piece
  • Document content experiments and learnings
  • Establish great content quality
  • Minimize the guessing game for future content initiatives by developing the habit of analyzing historical data
  • Introduce processes that make sense for your business
  • Define content formats and topics
  • Clearly divide ownership and map dependencies
  • Support your team members in doing their job in the best possible way
  • Marry discipline with creativity
  • Measure results and control the output better
  • Ensure your content serves your business goals (e.g. building brand awareness and thought leadership, nurturing relationships with your community, building topical authority in search, generating leads, attracting talented professionals)

Creating the adhesive content strategy™ happens in phases:

Every element within each phase requires time in order to be analyzed properly. Usually it's necessary to organize workshops with founders and/or CEOs, conduct extensive market research and customer interviews, data analysis, and more. It's all about asking smart questions, defining the most suitable methods to get answers, and then making assumptions you will test in reality by publishing content that supports your hypothesis. It can be incredibly exciting, fun, and rewarding when done properly.

To get an idea of questions you need to ask when setting marketing foundations, check the image below.

The biggest benefit of the Adhesive Content Strategy™ lies in the fact it goes beyond content marketing. As a matter of fact, it complements your business strategy and helps you evaluate your internal documentation. It provides a seat for your marketing team at the business table and helps your team members work more closely together.

Here's one example. In 7 out of 10 cases, companies didn't really know the difference between target customers and Ideal Customer Profiles. With the help of this framework, they were able to look inwards and define who their best customers are. This completely repositions the efforts within the company because it optimizes the way you use resources and it makes you laser-focused. This creates more revenue long-term.

In case you are wondering:

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